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An Artist's Digest

By lawrence Da silva

An Artist's Digest

  How to become a full time creative artist? BUILD A BRAND. Much easier said then done but the benefits are worth all the time you invest..... if you don't give up. Nicky Jam is one of the most impactful artists in reggaeton and Latin trap, considered a legend. He is hands down one of the most hard working artist in our generation. He's a great example of a full time artist, but what does it take? what did it take for him to achieve all his success? In a recent bio Nicky Jam talks about how “We’re not in the era where legends are legends, We are in an era where if the legends don’t work, they stop being legends.” 

Nicky Jams has albums that track back to 2004, and today in 2019, he still has a chance to become irrelevant. Everyone is in a battle for "attention", todays most valuable asset. Weather you want to be an influencer, musician or video director, it seems a degree isn't as impressive as 2 million followers. "If 2 million people like it, then it must be good." 

Nicky Jams is just one example and I'd like the list a couple more "legends" who seem to be fighting for attention in the same "stream" as the us all. Will Smith, The Rock, Beyonce, Christiano Rolando, Neymar,  even companies like Nike, MTV, & Starbucks are all using the same platforms we all use. Instgram, Facebook, Youtube and now TikTok. But this is only one aspect of building a brand, Attention.

I'd say its the most important aspect, if you have no attention then you have no brand. And thats where we stand now. No attention, or very little, but we have drive and creativity and perspective, which if applied can create attention. There are two types of people, Consumers and Creators. Creators create for consumers to consume.

Becoming a full time artist is predicated on the brand you build. Some artist create something that gets them shot to the top, others will need to build brick by brick. Either way works but getting shot to the top is unpredictable and an anomaly. Most brands are built, brick by brick. I like to take the brick by brick method so Im not out here chasing the next big song but rather improving my craft until I can make hits on command. There are ways to piggy off of what other brands are doing and thats a strategy that has worked but you decide what you should do and that is what creates a brand.

The things you do is what creates your brand. The most important word in that sentence is DO. Continue to do and you will see results and from there your brand will grow based on what you like, what others like about you and what you think the world is missing. 

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